Want to sell your used car but not sure how much you can get for selling your old car for cash in Melbourne. The first thing that you need to do is to look for the places that are willing to purchase your vehicle. You can check online for cash for car companies. You should also do thorough research about the value of your car. And what other peoples are asking for the same cars like yours.

Know Your Car’s True Condition

You may think your car drives like a new one, but its value will depend on its actual condition, so you’ll need to be both knowledgeable and realistic about it. Owners always tend to overestimate the value of their car, which can lead them to unrealistic expectations.

If you ultimately set your asking price too high, you’ll probably face more trouble selling it. Consider going to your mechanic for an assessment. He can identify problems with the engine, plus things you may overlook, like a broken tail light or other features you don’t use. You must know the real worth of your truck this can help you a lot in dealing with your truck. And you’ll arm yourself with the information a buyer will find if they do their own inspection.

Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

Whether you sell your car privately or trade it into a dealer, you will want to do the little things to increase your car’s value. If you don’t want to spend the money for a professional job, be sure that you at least wash and wax your car and change the oil by yourself.

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As for the big things, the final price you set for your car might increase with any mechanical or cosmetic improvements. Most of the used-car buyers don’t want to think about fixing their car to increase its value before putting it for sale. Depending on the nature of your car’s problems, it can be worthwhile to get them fixed. A few examples:

Lights: Lights are generally inexpensive to replace, and they’re quite important to a buyer. A quick stop at the auto supply store and with a screwdriver you’re usually in great shape.

Windshield chips/cracks: The cost of repairing a windshield is usually less than the amount that buyers will mentally knock off the price if you leave the damage as it is.

Brakes: If you’re selling a luxury vehicle, new brakes are worth the cost. For non-luxury cars, it’s only a deduction of $100-150 from your asking price.

Tires: Buyers are always advised to check a used car’s tire treads to get a sense of overall wear and tear of the vehicle. If your treads are worn or uneven, you must replace them with some matching used tires just for as little as $30-$40 per tire, otherwise, the buyer will often expect a significant discount of $300-$700, depending on the model.

Dents, dings & scratches: If you have more than four or five dings, especially if they’re glaring to the eye, hire a dent wizard. Dent removal experts are usually very affordable they will only charge a little to remove several dings. You will also be saving the buyer the headache of taking it to the body shop.

Set the Price for Your Car

If you’ve spent money improving your car’s condition, your car’s value has probably changed as well.

Price your car higher if

  • Your car is still under warranty and has an extended warranty, bumper-to-bumper or powertrain, provided the warranty is transferable
  • You’ve kept up with regular maintenance, especially if you’ve completed major scheduled maintenance.
  • You’ve purchased a new set of tires or installed new brakes

Price your car lower if

  • You want to sell it quickly
  • It needs a major scheduled service, new tires or brakes
  • It has been in an accident

Tip: Regardless of your car’s condition, it’s usually a wise idea to leave some room in your price for negotiation.