These days modern cars come with amazing features which are meant to enhance the performance and looks of the vehicles. Some of the features are just for the aesthetic purpose which is a good thing. A good looking car attracts attention and people like to stare at it. The reason is some people are not satisfied with the factory features and like to do some modifications in their car.

Car modifications express personality and individuality some people like to keep their car unique and make a statement. They like to add their personal touch by making modifications that can change the vehicle’s body style and aerodynamics such as suspension, turbo, exhaust, and performance wheels.

We have selected some inexpensive car modifications that you can also do yourself such as modify color, lighting, interior, and exterior accessories and parts to make your car look cool.

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Car wrapping

This is not a very cheap modification but can be done once in a year. People use it mainly for advertising purpose but you can use this to completely change the look of the car. One of the common design is the racing stripes which give the vehicle a premium feel and can modify your old car into a Porsche Panamera.

Fog lights upgrade

Fog lights are usually easy to add for upgrading your car. If your vehicle doesn’t have them usually there is a place for them in the front bumper where you can add them. If you already have them then you can upgrade the light bulbs to a different type of light or color to change the look of your car.

Headlights upgrade

Headlight upgrades – HID4 (High-Intensity Discharge) and LED (Light Emitting Diode) are the new trends for cars these days. In older vehicles mostly halogen headlights are installed. You can purchase these new conversion kits from auto stores and upgrade your old headlights to give a new look.

Interior LED lighting

The LED lighting is both a cost-efficient and flexible way to highlight a vehicle through an enlighten cabin. Various lighting kits are available now and can be integrated into the vehicle’s interior for less than $50.

Window tinting

This can provide both stylish and functional advantages to your vehicle, tinted windows offer a cool look and a cooler interior. The tinting films are easily available and can be applied by yourself too.

Steering wheel

The main instrument for control inside a car is the steering wheel. No single part of your car receives more crucial input than your steering wheel and the feedback you receive through the wheel is an important part of the driving experience. The rounded shape of a steering wheel does provide a few opportunities for customization.

A change in steering wheel cover is an inexpensive opportunity to develop a tailored look and feel for a driver. Upgrade to a new wheel in wood, leather or microfiber and your interior will just look better. You can also replace an old steering wheel with an aftermarket model for less than $100.

Wiper brackets

If you really like to stand out and catch the attention of people then you can change the normal wiper brackets to a different color matching the color scheme of your car. They are available in different shades and colors and are very cheap. You can install them in a few minutes and try them in a different color to your paint job to stand out.

Seat covers

This is the best way to hide old upholstery stains and tears and give your car a new look or color. They are available for the front and back seats and very simple to install and come in the widest variety of materials, styles, and colors. The best part is these seat covers are very affordable. It will give the interior a new premium feel in the old vehicle even leather seat covers also available now.

Wheel and fender lights

This is the type of modification that can make you stand out. The exterior neon lighting can be too vibrant then go for wheel and fender lights to make it look subtle and magical. These lights will look good on any vehicle and the modification doesn’t cost much. You can easily buy wheel and fender lights and either ask a mechanic to install them or you can do it yourself following the instructions.

There are many other modifications that you can try such as interior vinyl, changing racing pedals, floor mats, new wheels, trunk liner and many more. By doing these you can take pride in your ride knowing the work was done yourself. Keep experimenting and it won’t be long you might create something truly unique.